A quick reference guide for users of PERCEUS to assist in transitioning to Warewulf 3+.

PERCEUS Syntax Warewulf 3+ Equivalent
Chroot Path: /var/lib/perceus/vnfs/name/rootfs Chroot path (typical): /var/chroots/_name
VNFS images are stored in the Warewulf data store (database), not on disk.
perceus vnfs clone oldname__newname Not required. Simply cp -a _oldpath__newpath
perceus vnfs mount name None needed. Closest equivalent would be ln -s /var/chroots/name /mnt/
perceus vnfs close name None needed. Closest equivalent would be rm -f /mnt/name (see above)
perceus vnfs umount name wwvnfs name
NOTE: Options for chroot jail paths, hybridization settings, etc. are best done in config files (/etc/warewulf/vnfs/name.conf)!
perceus vnfs livesync name__list_of_nodes wwlivesync nodespec
Unlike with PERCEUS, node ranges like 'n00[00-99].lr1' can be supplied.
perceus node status No equivalent. This will be handled by Warewulf monitoring.
perceus node list [ nodespec ]
perceus node summary [ nodespec ]
No exact equivalent. Closest is: wwsh node list [ nodespec ]
perceus node show [ nodespec ] wwsh node print [ nodespec ]
perceus vnfs export name__outfile wwsh vnfs export name(s)__outdir
OR while storing/updating: wwvnfs name -o outfile
perceus vnfs import infile [ name ] wwsh vnfs import [ -n name ] infile
perceus node add hwaddr__name.cluster wwsh node new -D ifname -H hwaddr -c cluster__name
May also want to specify: -g group(s) -I ipaddr -M netmask -G gateway
perceus node delete nodespec wwsh node delete nodespec
perceus node set hostname name.cluster__oldname wwsh node set -n name -c cluster__oldname
perceus -i node set hostname name.cluster__hwaddr wwsh -l hwaddr -n name -c cluster__hwaddr
perceus node set vnfs vnfs__nodespec wwsh provision set -V vnfs__nodespec
perceus group set vnfs vnfs__group wwsh provision set -l groups -V vnfs__group(s)
perceus node set group group__nodespec wwsh node set -g group(s)__nodespec
perceus node replace realname__currentname No equivalent, but maybe there should be?
For now, use wwsh node print currentname to get the new machine's hardware address(es). Then wwsh node delete currentname and wwsh node set realname to set them on the object with the correct name.