Provisioning Red Hat Compatible Systems Stateless

note: This recipe assumes you have already installed and initialized Warewulf.

The following snippet will install the requirements to provision nodes, create the VNFS and bootstrap images and then scan for 20 new nodes.

$ sudo su -
# yum install warewulf-provision warewulf-cluster warewulf-provision-server warewulf-vnfs tcpdump perl-DBD-MySQL mysql-server
# wwinit ALL
# wwmkchroot rhel-generic /var/chroots/rhel
# wwvnfs --chroot /var/chroots/rhel
# wwnodescan --netdev=eth0 --ipaddr= --netmask= --vnfs=rhel --bootstrap=`uname -r` --groups=newnodes n00[00-19]

While wwnodescan is running you can boot your nodes and they will be added in the order that they are seen.

note: tcpdump is part of the yum install command because wwnodescan uses it to listen for DHCP requests. Its not a strict requirement as it is only required by wwnodescan and not general functionality of provisioning which is why it isn't installed automatically as a dependency.